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Why I edCamp!
April 08, 2017

Why I edCamp

In June of 2016, I was asked, “Do you want to help set up an edCamp?”


That’s where it started.

For a few weeks I never thought about that question again.

Then, I received an email about starting to plan with the team.

I had only talked briefly to two of the people when this started and had never met the other two, @Michelle4EDU and @JulieHiltz.

The five of us started finding our groove, who was great at what aspects, who knew connections to make things happen.

This was pushing me in so many ways to break out of my shell.

In January 2017, we were digging deep.

Planning food, t-shirts, finding sponsors.

Things were starting to come together.

By the time we made it to March 31st – we were all Spoto High School hanging signs and thinking through last minute details.

I hardly slept the night before. Flipping and flopping in bed.

Excited and nervous.

400 people had registered.

Would it be a success?

On the morning of April 1st 2017, my Hubby and I were ready to roll.

I cannot thank him enough for calming me down and encouraging me to stick to it.

I wanted to quit several times because of nerves!

About 7:30am we opened the doors and people started coming in.

Swag tags, and building the board.

An amazing Welcome session by

Have some coffee and a pastry and get the room buzzing.

We built the board using @Nearpod and it worked great!

We were easily able to see what sessions were wanted and who wanted to be in them.

That’s the beauty of an un-conference.

Whoever shows up leads what is learned that day.

It’s all about YOU!

We tried some new ideas because we were expecting so many people.

Our MakerSpace was a huge hit thanks to the amazing kids at
@BdaleGenius and their leader @hlhanks.

We had a book swap with professional books. Connecting books to people is a huge passion of mine.

There were “constant rooms” with @breakEDU sessions and PLN rooms for different groups of people.

There was a photo booth.

Yeah – I kept it super classy in there. #FullViking

The day flew by.

It was 7am – then it was 3pm!

My favorite part was when I realized how many of the teachers I mentor were there.

They were willing to give up a Saturday to learn and connect and grow for students. #ProudMentor

And, this is #WhyIedCamp.

In this photo there are 6 of the new teachers I work with.

These six teachers impact about 20 students a year… for the next 30 years….

6 X 20 X 30 = 3,600 students that will potentially be positively impacted by the learning, sharing and energy of edCamp.

If they walk away with a new idea to keep a student happy, in school and learning – then I met my goal for the day!

That is why I edCamp!

As an added bonus, a few days later our Superintendent mentioned edCamp at the school board meeting.

That was pretty cool, too.

If you’re interested in learning more about edCamps in your area – please visit
the complete edCamp list.

And, to find out more about our group stop by @edcampHCPS and edCampHCPS


If you were wondering...

Yes, there will be #edcampHCPS 2018.


Yes, I'll be there. :)

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