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I'm Teaching Again! I Cannot Wait!
August 06, 2017

I'm Teaching Again!

I’m heading back to the classroom as a Third Grade ELA teacher!

The kids come in a few days!

I’m excited and terrified and have too many ideas to try and way too much knowledge, so all I’m doing is making lists and changing my mind over and over.

Some of the ideas I’m pondering are:

The Book Whisperer and the “40 Book Challenge”. I would love to pose this challenge to my students, and I have read about a ton of 3rd grade classes doing it.

Sometime in the next 48 hours I want to take the time to align my genres to the standards and make sure I’m leading the kids in the right direction.

Another aspect of this book that really resonated with me was the idea that any reading is good reading.

When I was a student I was told what to read, when to read it and how to demonstrate my learning.


I do not want to be that teacher – so I’m not. I have 100’s of books in my classroom. I have picture books. I have Shakespeare. I have Harry Potter and The Wizard of Oz. And, best of all, I mostly don’t care what the kids are reading as long as they are reading.

Learn Like a Pirate is another book that I have read multiple times and have yet to directly implement myself.

Student-led is my goal.

I’m taking the steps to get there.

This week I’m making the charts to start the week – Opening a lesson, Closing a lesson, Questions leaders ask.

My thoughts are that if I start on Day 1 it will work.

An aspect of this is creating a PowerPoint of my day and having the students lead it.

If you do something like this - please, please, please connect with me on
Twitter or Facebook.

I want to hear all about it!

Crossing fingers!

FISH! is the philosophy that my school is adopting this year.


Play. Be there. Make their day. Choose your attitude.

My partner this year is a former Mentee. #NailedIt #WinningLife #TeamLaughter

We have been working together for two years and his big goal for the past year has been to gamify his classroom. Games have been made, ideas have been collected, and fun has been evident.

So, FISH! is right up our alley.

Other Stuff and Things

Starting my 20th year, I have a ton of traditions and this year is no different.

When I decided to return to a classroom, I called my Mom and she flew down to help me set up my room.

This is something we have done almost every year.

She was a tremendous help, and I could not have done it without her.

I’m not sure what I said, or did, but this was the last photo we took in my room before she flew back home.

It is my favorite.

I have started playing with my lesson plans and realized that I have so many ideas and samples and examples that it is daunting.

Last year I taught a training on planning, and I need to follow my own advice and pick a system that works for me.

Only, I don’t know what that is yet – so it will be a work in progress!

Another fear is a will say YES! to everything and burn out in flames.

Thankfully, my amazing friend bought me this #Nope hat, and I will need to be comfortable in using it sometimes.

There’s only 24 hours in a day, and I cannot do everything. #Nope.

This will be the year of keep it real.

But, above all I am super excited to learn, grow, collaborate and try things.

I will fall on my face.

I will cry.

I will learn from mistakes and probably lose sleep over them.

But, I will also love my kids.

I will help as much as possible.

I will continue to devour books and implement ideas.

I will try to be the unicorn.

I will be a teacher.

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