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Reflecting on Teaching
November 29, 2014

Reflecting on Teaching

Lately more and more of my discussions come back to reflecting.

Is it necessary?

What does it really mean?

Is there always an actionable plan after reflection?

One of my new teachers showed me a way she was reflecting, and all I could think was, “Yes! This is what reflecting on teaching is all about!”

She used the Bloom’s Taxonomy to reflect on her lessons with the following questions:

Remember – What did I do?

This is where you replay the lesson in your head, step by step and remember what you did.

Understand – What was important about this?

During this step, you take a moment to think about what was key about this lesson.

Apply – Where could I use this again?

Here you think about specific strategies you used, tasks the kids did, and steps you took and decide if they were important enough to use again.

Analyze – What patterns do I see?

Looking back over the lesson – do you see trends?

Evaluate – How well did I do?

Sometimes this is fun… and sometimes it hurts.

Was the lesson successful?

Who was it successful for?

Are there groups of students who need a reteach? Enrichment?

Create – What’s next?

Here’s where you make your plan. Based on all of the above – what do you do next?

Doesn't that make it easier to reflect on an individual lesson?

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