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Planning Questions
December 14, 2014

Planning Questions

I asked a ton of questions.

Why aren't the kids answering?

What in the world are they thinking?

Why do the same kids always raise their hands?

These answers don't make any sense!

I hear this so often...

My response is always:
  • Did you plan your questions?
  • Did you plan how you would use the question?
  • What was the intended outcome for the question?
  • Did you support the students to get to the answer?

If you take the time to plan 3-5 deep, meaty, meaningful, aligned questions for each lesson the discussions in class will grow!

It isn't hard to plan your questions once you know what your learning outcome is.

If you'd like to try a Planning Questions Tool - here's one I use all the time.

Hope it helps!

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See you next month!

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