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Personalized Professional Development - Part 2!
August 04, 2014

Personalized Professional Development
Part 2!

I love learning. I mean, I LOVE LEARNING! Learning is the best.

However, sometimes I feel like what I want to learn about is out of the norm or isn't offered.

Thankfully, I have discovered...

This is me at #EdCampDuval!


An #EdCamp experience is eye opening.

Teachers come together to learn, discuss, share and facilitate on topics that they have a passion for.

There isn't a schedule.

There isn't a fee.

It's just show up and learn.

What more could you ask for?

When attending an #EdCamp for the first time - go with an open mind, a fully charged phone or laptop and a smile!

My Hubby and I drove about 4 hours to get to our first #EdCamp - and he even loved it even though he isn't a teacher.

The energy is electric.

Teachers who really want to work together, learn from each other and explore ideas.

When you get to #EdCamp there's typically a big board where people hang up sticky notes about the topics they would like to facilitate a session on.

Some examples are: Using Twitter, Using Kagan-style strategies, Promoting all students in discussions and the interestingly named, "Things that suck!" (A look at current topics in education).

Each session is about an hour - and if you go to one and it isn't what you want to know about - you just leave.

No hard feelings, no worries.

We are all adults here and you make your own decisions.

Most #EdCamp days are technology driven - lots of Tweeting, lots of sharing ideas, lots of networking.

So, while the day is 8 hours - the connections you can build will last much longer.

There are #EdCamp's all over the world. A complete list is here.

If you're in Florida - come join me at #EdCampCitrus in September! I might get the courage to facilitate a session... I'm still deciding.

If this is something you want to try – follow me on Twitter and we can talk and get you started!

Let me know what you think!

I would LOVE to know what you think about this.

Hit reply - or hop over to Facebook or Twitter and share your ideas on this.

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