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Stepping Stones to Teaching
November 27, 2013

Stepping Stones to Teaching

Have you ever lost your way?

So many times we just need a path to follow to get to where we are going.

It’s easy to lose our way and get confused.

Fear of doing something incorrectly can be paralyzing.

Often we are so busy being busy that we forget to slow down and look at where we are going.

This happens in our personal and professional lives.

Over and over this year I have heard, “I wish I just knew what step to take.”

With that in mind, I created this printable stepping stones teaching chart.

If you keep these few steps in mind – it will help lead you to success.

When you start to fall off the path, and it happens to everyone, look for where you are in the process and start again.

Always remember that the failure isn’t in making mistakes, it is in not reflecting and trying again.

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