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Those Last Weeks Of School
May 05, 2013

Those Last Weeks Of School

There's a ton of changes going on in my life right now.

I found out this week that I will be moving out of the classroom after 16 years and becoming a full-time Mentor in the fall.

While I am thrilled about this and have been applying for this position for a few years, I'm still anxious and excited about the change.

I have also changed my diet and have lost 40 pounds this school year.

I feel like this is a whole new chapter in my life. :)

Legos and Lollipops

I needed a fun behavior reward for my kids.

They worked towards a "Legos and Lollipops" party.

We did it on Friday afternoon and it was a blast.

So fun and creative.

This week we are working towards "Coloring and Cookies".

Create an Animal

In science we have been talking about animals.

Habitats. Needs. Appearances.

This week as a mini-assessment I had the children create an animals and use what they had learned so far to explain about their animal.

They had to write about the animals home, appearance, food, and things it would avoid.

Once they created their animal they made a diorama about it to display.

This project was a hit.


Many of us are planting seeds right now.

I tried one batch and the poor things just cooked in my classroom.

My room gets full-sun, hot sun, all day baking sun.

So, I had to come up with a way for the seeds to stay moist.

Thankfully, I also have an iced-coffee habit.

These cups worked out like a dream!

Field Trips

If you're anything like me, field trips scare the pants off of you.

My biggest fear is that I will lose a child.

I have nightmares about this!

A few years ago I started writing the number of students in my group on my hand in Sharpie so even in the most stressful moments I will know how many kids I am supposed to have.

I even tell my chaperones why that number is there in case something happens.

Thankfully, I haven't lost a kid yet!


The last month of school is always wacky.

Changes in times, dates, tests, events...

Who can keep track of it all?

What I do to help my students stay aware of all of these changes is make a huge calendar out of board paper with all the information on it.

When they walk in they can see what's going on today and if there are any changes for the week.

It makes it a lot easier to roll through the changes if the kids know about them in advance.


In honor of my new job opportunity, I want to share with you a $5 free coupon code for my site.

I know many of you will be changing classrooms, grades, schools, and districts come summer - and this is my little way of helping you all get a fresh start too!

Use code 6176165E through 5/30/13.


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