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What do you teach? - Reflection
July 21, 2013

What Do You Teach?

I get asked this question all the time.

At meetings.

From parents.

During professional development.

… and most people are looking for a number, a grade, a box to put you in.

This summer I have been taking tons and tons of trainings to become a new teacher mentor.

I’m learning how to guide the new teachers.

How to make them think.

How to get them to decide what is best for their students and their classroom.

I’ll admit there’s been a few times that I have panicked and wondered, “Who am I if I’m not a teacher anymore?”

But, then I realize that I am still a teacher.

A teacher teaches people – not an age, or a grade or a curriculum.

I will still be teaching.

I’ll just be teaching bigger people.

So, the last few times people have asked me, “What do you teach?”

I’ve replied, “People, I teach people.”

Sometimes I think we forget that and need something to rattle our cage and help us remember.

We all teach people.

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