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Classroom Library
January 22, 2013

Classroom Library

We’ve all been there…

What do you do when your classroom library looks like a small tornado hit it?

Well, I was there this week.

One of my students decided to throw all of the books on the floor.

Their consequence was to put it all back.

This is what I ended up with.

Not good.

So, my mission was obvious: Fix this classroom library – quick!

Step 1: Take all of the books off of the shelves.

Easier said than done.

There were a lot more books than I realized!

Step 2: Wash the shelves.

Much easier than step 1.

I just used vinegar and water to get the dust off.

Step 3: Get out all of my book baskets and set them around the room. Begin to sort out the books into categories.

I somewhat knew some of my groups. Animals, Mo Willems, Holidays.

As I started a new basket I labeled it with a sticky note.

After I sorted most of the books out I had a pile left that didn’t really fit anywhere.

That’s when I came up with: Funny Fiction, Great Characters, and Amazing Authors.

My goal for this project wasn’t to really find a home for each and every book.

It was more to find a system that my kids could use to help them find books for their independent work quicker and easier.

Step 4: Make labels for the bins.

I’m purposely not sharing my labels. They won’t be the same as yours.

To make mine I just used Microsoft “Word”, inserted a table and started typing names and adding clip art.

Step 5: Laminate the labels.

This if for stability of the labels.

Step 6: Use zip-ties to hang the labels on the bins.

I found cute, colorful ties at a dollar store. They are fun.

Step 7: Realize you are an awesome teacher.

Bask in the wonder of a task completed.

So, that’s what I did today.

We’ll see how long it’s perfect and pretty.

But… well, that wasn’t really the point anyways…

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