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New Year - Routines, Procedures and Practice!
January 05, 2013

Routines, Procedures and Practice!

My winter break ends tomorrow.

I'm already thinking about what I need to do for next week to run smoothly.

If the kids are anything like me - they have been up too late, eating too much and surely not thinking about school.

Time to get back into a routine...

Here's my plan to try to get my little rodeo back on track.

Writer's Workshop

This is how I teach Writer's Workshop.
See me in action!

I'll need to review all Writer's Workshop procedures.

What do you do when you're finished?

How do you start a new story?

Why do we use a plan when writing?

We need to clean out our writing folders. I'm sure they are bursting with stories about Santa, snowmen and presents...

Time to fill them up with new material.

I'm really hoping to have the kids start writing a newsletter for the parents this week, too.

I don't really have a plan yet - just a goal. I guess I need to hammer out some more details, huh!


Whoa... we will be working on a lot of procedures here!

First, review Daily 5.

Why are we doing it?

What are the rules?

What should we see and hear?

I'm thinking I'll take this one step at a time just like in the beginning. Start with "Read to Self". The next day add "Work on Writing", and so on.

I want this to be right. I don't want to struggle with procedures because I have way to many guided reading groups and assessments to do in the next few weeks!

We will also be adding some new Common Core Reading Lessons that I wrote over break.

I'm really hoping to dig deeper into these standards and have kids really chew through some great books so I came up with 16 lessons that go along with the standards.

My goal is some really good, independent thinking about books... We'll see what happens!

This week I'm also going to introduce our first meaty chapter book, The Mouse and the Motorcycle.

I want the kids to do a chapter by chapter analysis of the story in some type of response journal or foldable.


With this new Common Core math, I'm really struggling.

I realized right before break that my math centers were a colossal mess and I needed to start over.

This week the kids and I will be going through the centers, seeing what we need, making new ideas and cleaning out.

I have some ideas on what I'd like to do - but I really want to talk to them about what they like and dislike so I can keep their interest high!


I need to start right away with a new long-term investigations and I think I'm going to do my Fish Study again.

The kids loved watching the fish and collecting the data. This will get us engaged right away on the first day back!

I also need to dig through my science supplies and see what I need.

With spring coming before you know it I'll need cups, seeds, trays, food for insects, and all other materials for science centers!

I have been in this classroom a few years now and I know that the cabinets need a little love and attention.

Can you relate?

Other Procedures and Routines

Lunchroom: It's a scary place in there. I'm going to make sure they remember where their assigned seats are, practice their lunch numbers and review the rules.

Hallways: "Every time we stand in line, we stand up straight and tall. We keep our hands right by our sides, we do not talk at all. Our feet are facing forward. Our eyes look straight ahead. Our lips are closed. Our ears are open, listening to what is said." That's the little chant we do when we line up. Hope they remember it!

Dismissal: When it's time to pack up we have some specific jobs. Pack backpack, stack chair, sweep the floor, straighten desks, make sure all the trash is in the can, sit on the rug. We will probably practice this a few times!


That's my plan.

I'll see how it goes. Dream big, right?

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See you next month!

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