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Pondering Reading and the Teacher Desk
February 10, 2013

Pondering Reading

Lately I've been feeling very contemplative.

Pondering my career.

Pondering what I love.

Pondering lots and lots of books.

Last week we had a really rough day at school.

I knew I needed to get the train back on the tracks - but I also knew that I wasn't in a mental state to try to do anything right then.

I decided we were ALL just going to take a break, get on the floor and enjoy some books.

I picked up an old friend: Readers for Life.

We all chilled, read and just unwound.

It was powerful.

It was therapeutic.

It was exactly what we needed.

While I was reading I came across this quote: "Good readers discard books that don't interest them."

When it was time to get off the floor and face life again - I shared this thought with my class.

It led to a huge discussion on books, readers, book bins, library visits, and what books they wanted in our classroom.

Chill bumps were on my arms from it!

Sometimes YOU just have to take time to read.

Really read.

Not just watch your kids read... but truly engage your brain in a good book to show your students what a love of books looks like.

By the way - after that... the day went great!

The Teacher Desk

I receive a lot of email about classroom set-up.

How to organize desks.

Where to put centers.

How to get a guided reading table going.

But, the number one question I receive is: Where is your teacher desk?

Well... I have to tell you, my desk isn't really used as a desk.

It's just a dumping ground for all of that junk that you're supposed to keep in your classroom.

This is what I do...

No matter what classroom I move to - the first thing I do it take the teacher desk, turn it to face the wall and slide it into a corner.

My desk should NEVER be a focus in a classroom.

My behind should never be spending a lot of time sitting in that chair when the kids are present.

The second thing I do is place my rocking chair and easel in front of that desk so I can pile junk on it and no one can see it.

I cannot tell you how many times someone has come into my classroom and said, "But... where's YOUR desk?"

I love this set-up.

It opens up tons of space for the kids to use.

Plus, also, is hides piles of stuff that I'll never go through.

Try it - you might like it!
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