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Back to School... Already?!
August 02, 2013

Back to School... Already?!

If you're a first year teacher
please invest in some quality shoes.
You have no idea how tired
your feet and legs will be.


I officially started my new job last week.

One of the big things I'm trained to do is to reflect continually.

So, here are my ponderings.

I thought they might be good for you as you head into your schools in the next month.

After reflecting on my first week, here are a few things I've learned:

  • Blisters hurt even more the second, third and forth day

  • Always wear a name tag

  • Sometimes saying nothing is the best choice

  • Even when you think you know a lot, you still have tons to learn

  • A simple turkey sandwich will taste amazing if eaten in the right company

  • Always offer to help

  • High schools are too big for me

  • I can carry very heavy boxes in a nice dress

  • When in doubt smile because the people around you probably don't know what's going on either

  • I am making life-long friends after a few short days

  • There's a lot of trainings I still want to take

  • People are watching you all the time, make sure you're presenting what you want them to see

  • Be flexible and ready to roll with the punches

  • Never sit down if there are still people without a chair

  • I'm a table washing pro with some Clorox wipes

  • You never know who might be on the verge of tears, know where the Kleenex is

  • People have more confidence in me than I do at times

  • If someone asks you a question and you don't know the answer say, "That's a great question. Let's find out together!"

  • And lastly... I really do love new teachers. They are yummy and I cannot wait to get into schools and work with them.

As you head into your classrooms - enjoy it, smile and contact me if there's anything I can do to help!

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See you next month!

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