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Surviving the 4th Quarter
April 14, 2013

Surviving the 4th Quarter

It’s that time of the year when you want to scream because there’s so much to do and so little time to teach!

Building independence and raising reading skills are my two main priorities right now.

So, lots and lots of guided reading will be going on.

I will also be focusing on making sure all of my Common Core skills are hit upon.

Do you find that guided reading just jumps to a whole new level at the end of the year?

I do!

Lots of Little Ideas

Wants Vs. Needs

One concept I recently taught was wants vs. needs.

I saw this idea and my kids loved it.

Take your purse.

Dump it out.

Discuss each item.

The students were so excited to see what stuff I carried around each day.

I was thrilled that it was so engaging!

Easy, cheesy!

Love and Learning

I was struggling with building a class community of love and patience.

I’ve had 7 new students enroll in the past quarter and it has been so much turn over that we haven’t taken much time to bond.

What could I do to have the children try to be invested in each other?

Well, I came up with the “Love and Learning” bulletin board.

Each time they see someone showing love or learning they write what they saw on a cute shape.

About once a week we read them all and then hang them on the board.

This project has been going on for about two months and the board is almost full.

The kids love it when they hear they have done something good.

I think it’s great because they are finding the good in each other!

Student Offices

It’s that time of the year where the kids are starting to get on each others nerves.

You know it’s true.

To help prevent outbursts my kids created offices.

They were just two folders taped together.

However, it was enough to give students who want a little privacy just that!

The kids glued all of the resources on them – and then added other things they wanted.

These photos show the “first day”, but now we’ve added class lists, left and right hands, additional math words, and a bunch of other stuff.

The kids continually ask, “Can we add ____ to our office?”

Sure, why not!

Creating Board Games

We were completing our standardized testing a few weeks ago and I wanted something fun and hands-on to work on after the tests each day.

We created board games based on their favorite books.

We broke it down into several lessons – each one building on story comprehension.

Each student got a poster board, game spinners, dice, index cards, stickers and markers to use.

In the end, each child made a game based on their favorite book.

They were so excited to share and play the games.

I was glad that the kids were happy and working after long days of testing!

I hope that these ideas help you survive the last few months of school with a smile on your face and enough energy to get everything done!

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