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Board Games, Fluency Activities and Teacher Appreciation Week
May 06, 2012

Board Games, Fluency Activities and Teacher Appreciation Week

One of the most exciting things going on in my classroom currently are the student created board games.

It started out with one student.

Then another.

Then another.

Now, I think we have 9.

They are all based on their favorite books. It has also really promoted team work, sharing, taking turns and all kinds of other things.

I wish I would have started it much earlier in the year!

Recently I have been really pushing for fluency in my readers.

I came up with this fun incentive program for them.

While working on fluency goals, they are earning prizes... whatever you want that to be.

I have seen a HUGE improvement in several of my readers.

Another great activity... I purchased several sand timers and have the children read a book and see how far they get in one minute.

Then, they practice and practice and practice.

Lastly, they time themselves again and see if they got further. This was a great gimmick and has really worked.

I'm having a 25% off sale to help celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.

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Some of the resources you might be interested in are:

Books and Writing Crafts, Writing Craft Posters, Literacy Centers for Primary Grades, Primary Writing Rubric, Kindergarten Daily Math Journals, First Grade Daily Math Journals, Daily Literacy Journals, CVC Word Fluency, Cut & Glue Skills and Cut, Glue, Write and Draw.

I hope you have a relaxing, wonderful week!

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