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Things I Learned This Year -
June 12, 2012

Things I Learned This Year

Another school year has finished and I typically take a few minutes to reflect on what all happened for the last 180 days.

This year I learned a few things about teaching, myself, whatever... that I thought you might like to read about. :)


This year my class had many, many pull-outs.






I never had my whole class in the room.

So, it was a constant juggling act of, “Who learned what?”

One of the biggest things I learned was to be flexible. Go with it.

I was unable to make everything perfect – so I just didn’t freak out when it wasn’t.

I learned the art of “catching up” a student when they walked in half way through a lesson.

But, I also trained my class to teach each other if they were missing parts of lessons.

My students were my biggest helpers. I couldn’t have kept everyone on pace without a few kids who loved to teach, too!

Keeping Track of Students


Know where they are.

On any day of the week between 8 and 11 of my kids would get pulled for a resource.

Keeping track of where they all were was a fiasco at first.

Then, I made this chart to help me.

I put one in my “Fire Drill” folder and one with my “Sub Plans”.

This way I was easily able to know where any student was at any time during the day.

I actually used this three times during the year – and, boy, I was glad I had it.

Making Sense of Phonics

It’s not very often when I find a resource that really changes the way I think about teaching.

There’s been very few over the years.

Making Sense of Phonics is one of those resources.

This year my Reading Coach taught a training on it – and it changed the way I looked at phonics.

I’ve always been a phonics believer at heart, but this was different.

Systematic, sequenced, and fun.

It’s similar to “Making Words” – but it scaffolds, there’s a pattern and “Why?” they teach each skill when they do.

I started using it with my Tier 2 and Tier 3 students for RtI and saw a huge improvement in just weeks.

Next year I believe I will start the year off with it and see where it goes.

If you haven’t seen this book – try to check it out.

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