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Sight Word Game -
January 07, 2012

Sight Word Game

You're always looking for a new sight word game to play, right?

A few days ago I found this really neat game but it didn't have a printable.

I also wanted to add a follow-up so the kids thought about what they had played.

So, I came up with this sight word game printable.

This is a spinner / dice game for sight words (but you could change it to math facts, etc...)

Feel free to change it however you need!

To play you will need:
-- Two spinners or dice with 1-6 and A-F on them.
-- Two different color crayons
-- Two kids :)

Each child takes a turn spinning / rolling.

They find the word on the grid.

If they can read it, they get to color it in.

If they cannot read it, it's the other players turn.

After the game is played there's a little analysis at the end.

I played it yesterday and my kids LOVED it.

They really liked the 'find it on a map' aspect of it and that they could count and see how many words they knew.

I hope your kids enjoy it as much as mine did!

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