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Elementary-Teacher-Resources: Rainforest Unit and Teacher Appreciation Discount
May 05, 2011

Rainforest Unit and Teacher Appreciation Discount

To end this year my teammate and I have decided to create big learning units and let the children help guide the direction we go in.

We are starting with the rainforest.

On the first day before the children arrived I built the basic structure of a tree on my wall. I used bulletin board paper, crumpled it up to give it texture and stapled it to the wall.

If you didn’t have a space this big, just find somewhere in your room that it would work for you on a smaller scale.

One year I didn’t have space in my room – so I did it on my hallway board. Just make it work for you and your kids.

On the first day in class we read The Great Kapok Tree and talked about the main idea of the story.

I then had each student create one large leaf to help them remember the importance of the kapok tree to the rainforest and we hung them up.

On the second day we re-read The Great Kapok Tree except this time our focus was on learning about the different layers of the rainforest.

As we read the book we drew a diagram of the forest and the animals mentioned on the white board.

I’m not so much of an artist – so we just “made it work”.

Then, I pulled out scraps and divided my class into teams to create the plants in each layer.

They worked really hard and we now have some amazing plants and trees in our forest.

This project will continue on in this same manner for about 2 weeks…

But, then…

The big, bad bulldozer will show up one morning. It will be all ready to tear down the rainforest!

Our project will then turn to “What can we do to help save the rainforest?”

The children will learn about persuasive writing, poster making, and research for data.

Each day the bulldozer will tear down some of their rainforest. Each day trees and animals will disappear.

This will continue until the children can convince the “Bulldozer Man” to stop through logical persuasion. It is a very personal, and powerful, way to teach about what is happening to the rainforest.

The first time I did this project was 14 years ago and I have former students that still email and say, “Remember when we built that rainforest?”

Teacher Appreciation Week

Day late… dollar short.

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Thank you all for all you do for your kids every day!

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