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Elementary-Teacher-Resources: Differentiation Notes and Spring Fling Sale!
March 06, 2011

Differentiation Notes and Spring Fling Sale!

So differentiation is the big buzz around my school.

What is it?

What does it look like?

How can you do it easily and effectively?

Well, I was talking to my Peer Evaluator about differentiation and she gave me this great idea to record your differentiation notes and reteaches. Thank you Cynthia!!

I've always taken notes on things I observed - but this will give me specific data on who understands each skill in a daily basis.

For example: In math, I am teaching measurement.

I'd write that at the top of the sheet, then go around and observe the kids and make quick notes.

Finally, I can see if someone didn't understand something, if it needs to be retaught, if it is a reoccurring problem, etc.

It's a great way to have the big picture on a daily basis. Wish I would have started something this specific a long time ago!

You can download this sheet here.

Spring Fling Sale

Here in Florida, spring has sprung my toes are warm again, and Im ready to celebrate.

In honor of spring, Im offering a Spring Fling discount.

The first 100 people who use coupon code 86562861 will get $5 off of any purchase on my site.

This includes the new Books and Writing Crafts eBook and all of my other resources.

Hope this puts a little spring in your step!


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