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Elementary Teacher Resources: Long-Term Investigation with Fish
September 14, 2010

Long Term Investigation

My school district is buzzing with “Long Term Investigations” right now… and I thought of trying to use my fish tank as a tool for it.

So, what we are doing is observing where my fish likes to hang out during the day.

Really. We sit around and watch the fish. Aaaaaah, relaxing!

I divided the tank into three sections: Top, Middle and Bottom.

The dividing lines are yarn taped to the glass.

A little piece of paper is used for documenting each day's fishy movements.

We sit on the floor, look at the target fish and stare away.

When the fish moves from one area to another, the kids whisper where they are now.

Example: From Top to Middle – they whisper “Middle!”

That way I know where to make the tally.

We use a stopwatch to time the 3 minutes we watch the fish.

At the end of the time, we total up Top, Middle and Bottom to see which has the most. The area with the most is colored in on our graph.

I also place the little paper with the tally marks onto our calendar, so the kids can see the “long-term” data. This experiment is going to last 20 school days for me.

This is fun, easy and really engaging for the kids.

I hope you enjoy!

To find the printables that go with this, please visit: Long Term Investigation File

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