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Elementary-Teacher-Resources: Video Cameras and Kids
October 23, 2010

Video Cameras and Kids

Recently I have been really stressed out, freaking out, and just zoned out because of a new evaluation system my district adopted.

So, I wanted to find out if all of these changes, requirements and rules were noticed by the students...

I wanted to know what was really important to them.

My babies are the most important thing - and what they think matters!

With video camera in hand each student walked around my room for about 5 minutes and told the camera about the things they liked, and thought were important to our room.

The only rule was that NO PEOPLE could be in the video because I wanted to be able to share this with other teachers.

During the editing of the film I saw a lot of friends yelling, "STOP! I can't be in your movie!"

I ended up with about 2 hours of amazingly funny footage that I've edited down to about 12 minutes.

You can watch the video on my videos page.

It's called First Grade by First Graders.

If you have a camera, and trust your students, I think this is really interesting.

Some things I've learned from this:

  • Anything that's higher than my head the kids don't notice at all
  • They really love the fish
  • Books must be important to us because all but 1 student talked about their book bin
  • The kids never mentioned any of the pre-made posters in my room
  • Bigger is better: big windows, big books, big posters
  • I wear my weird turtle / giraffe print dress in a lot of my postcasts

If you decide to create a video this way, please visit my videos page and submit the link so we can all check it out.

Hope you enjoy!

Check out my podcasts on my podcast blog. They are fun and helpful!

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See you next month!

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