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Elementary-Teacher-Resources: Hand Warmers and Thermometers
January 13, 2011

Hand Warmers and Thermometers

So, as many of you know I live in Florida.

When you think of Florida you may think of tropical drinks with little umbrellas, warm sand and tiny bikinis.

Not in January.

It was below freezing here last night and it got up to a balmy 65 in my classroom today.

I’ve been pretty chilly.

Today I prepared to go teach by putting on tights, jeans, two pairs of socks, gym shoes, a tank top, a t-shirt, a turtle neck, and a sweater.

I also put Hand Warmers in my socks.

I must have been fiddling with them because my kids asked me, “Why are you playing with your socks?”

Bing – teachable moment!

In an instant I thought of a science experiment to do.

We took an unopened hand warmer and passed it around.

It was cold, yep, cold.

Then, I opened it up and we passed it around as it started to warm up.

Neat-o, right?

But – that wasn’t even the most amazing part!

We then took a thermometer and put it under the ELMO.

We took the classroom’s temperature.

It was 64.

Next, we taped the hand warmer to the bulb of the thermometer and let it sit for about 20 minutes.

(We didn’t just sit for 20 minutes though – we did “Read to Self” and guided reading!)

You could watch the temperature climb, climb, climb up. It was even amazing to me.

After the 20 minutes it appeared to stabilize out at…

99 degrees!

My kids were shocked that it was almost 100.

Finally, at the end we took the hand warmer off and watched as it descended.

Lots of observations and charts and diagrams later – we had a great science lesson… and I got my sock warmer back!

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