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Elementary-Teacher-Resources: Books and Writing Crafts
January 08, 2011

Books and Writing Crafts

Several times a week I receive emails that ask:

"Do you have a list of the books you use to teach writer's workshop?"

"Do you have a list of crafts that go with the books you teach?"

"Can you send me the books you use to teach the craft of diagrams?"

"What books do you use - there are so many?"

Well... I've finally made that list!

I put together what I think is a great list of old, and new books.

Fiction and non-fiction.

Amazing authors and inventive illustrators.

This list has a little more than 50 titles on it.

For each book I've listed the crafts in it, and the page numbers they are on (when available).

I've also put a link to for each book so you can read reviews and see the cover.

I really hope that this helps you!

If you're interested - please check it out at Books and Writing Crafts.

Check out my podcasts on my podcast blog. They are fun and helpful!

I hope that you have enjoyed this newsletter. Please feel free to email it to friends and family who are teachers or homeschool moms!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

See you next month!

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