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Elementary Teacher Resources, Issue #051- Contest for You!
August 04, 2010



I'm holding my first ever contest on my website.

Excited doesn't even sum up how thrilled I am about this...! :)

I couldn't wait to get it all ready and tell you all about it.

Finally, I get to give back to all of you who have supported me all of these years.

And the best part about it is that it is FREE to enter, and I know how teachers love free stuff.


It's a contest about having the best, simplest, most effecient classroom organization idea.

If this sounds good to you - please visit the Basic Classroom Organization contest page.

All you need is a photo and a little paragraph to enter.

The 1st place winner will get a $25 gift card and 5 runner-ups will receive all three "Primary Literacy Centers" eBooks.

Good luck and have fun with it!

Update from Previous Newsletter!

This year I wanted to make my word wall easier to maintain. I was tired of words falling off, tape marks on cabinets, and all of that jazz.

I came up with the idea of a pocket chart word wall.

I used to mini charts from Target and some ABC tags from a dollar store and came up with something I really like.

I saw these pocket charts on sale at my local Target today... they were in the $1 section. I wanted to let you know so you can see if you can find them, too!

With the pocket charts the words can be more fluid. Take them down, put them up, change the order, easy as pie.

The whole project cost me about $15, but will last a lifetime.

Can you please take 15 seconds to help me?

I entered a contest to win a camera for my classroom and all I need is for you to go to this video and then "Like" it. That's it.

Thanks for your help!

Check out my podcasts on my podcast blog. They are fun and helpful!

I hope that you have enjoyed this newsletter. Please feel free to email it to friends and family who are teachers or homeschool moms!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

See you next month!

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