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Elementary Teacher Resources, Issue #046 - Behavior Modification
April 04, 2010

Behavior Modification

This newsletter I’m focusing on behavior modification programs.

It’s getting to be that time of the year where kids’, and teachers’, minds start to wander... oh wait.

What was I doing?

So, we need to pull out all of our “tricks” to get through!

I have 5 simple, free and easy ideas that might help you out.

The Envelope

This program is easy. All you need is an envelope and a friend.

To help give students a time-out from classroom situations to try to divert kids from misbehavior – you send them on a mission with The Envelope.

I typed up a letter in a script font so even our sneakiest of darlings can't read it.

The letter says:

Dear Awesome Teacher,

This student needed a break from the action.

Can you please write me a short note on the provided index card (about whatever…!), tell them that they are a great helper, and send them back to class?

Sometime when you go to the office please put this letter and envelope back in my box.

Thank you for being amazing!

This way the student gets a “break” from whatever is setting them off, and with that distraction, they can come back ready to learn!

Behavior Modification Program

I use this clip system that accentuates the positive behaviors in my students.

They can move “up” three times each day.

They love it because when they move up – I write a positive note home.

They tell me if I forget, too!

I've heard many times, "I'm on Good Day! Write it so my Mom can see it!"

If a student is having a hard time with behavior they move to “Think about it”.

If the child gets back on track they can return to “Ready to Learn”.

If they end the day on "Think about it" I write a note home about whatever behavior needs to be worked on.

Behavior Reward Program

If a student ends the day on anything except “Think about it” they earn a square on the Rewards sheet.

After they have 5 squares they can get a Reward.

I use Checkers as mine.

You can do anything that is quick, easy and free.

I have found that the students really want to work for this because it’s fun!

They often discuss, "How many more do you need for Reward?"

I think that it is great for those kids who are always "Good". They earn it often so they know that their behavior is rewarded.

It works for me because it is quick and fast!

Mystery Student Program

Before each lesson I pick a Mystery Student to watch for. They don’t know who I am “watching” out for.

Sometimes during a lesson I say, "Wow! I wonder if my Mystery Student is totally on task!"

All of a sudden, I have 15 pairs of eyes on me.

It works great!

If during the lesson the Mystery Student follows the “rules” they receive a sticker.

If the Mystery Student does not follow the rules - a brief, vague discussion is had with the whole group about what we should be working on to earn "Mystery Student".

Fun and easy!

Kind Things to Say!

To help promote kindness in my classroom I started the “Kind things to say” program.

We had a lesson about things that are kind – modeled kindness through words – and made the chart.

Then I provided the students with a basket of index cards.

Throughout the day if they hear someone say something nice, they write it down.

Every few days I pull them out, read them to the class and hang them up.

The kids get so excited when they are “caught” using kind words!

All in all, you have to try to find the good in the last few weeks of school – but if they kids know you’re looking it might help!

Check out my podcasts on my podcast blog. They are fun and helpful!

I hope that you have enjoyed this newsletter. Please feel free to email it to friends and family who are teachers or homeschool moms!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

See you next month!

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