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Elementary Teacher Resources, Issue #039 - Podcast: Classroom Tour
October 27, 2009

Podcast: Classroom Tour

So, I know I haven't been "on the ball" lately with these newsletters...

But the majority of the email I've been receiving has been about my classroom, what's in it, what does it look like, etc.

I've taken a little tour of my room - explaining things I think are helpful along the way.

Sorry I sound stuffy in it. We've been fighting lots and lots of colds at my school lately! Ick!

View at YouTube:

or... You can check it out here at Blogger.

Hope it helps!

Check out my podcasts on my podcast blog. They are fun and helpful!

I hope that you have enjoyed this newsletter. Please feel free to email it to friends and family who are teachers or homeschool moms!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

See you next month!

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