August Kindergarten Curriculum

In the August Kindergarten Curriculum, we are learning about Kindergarten, what it means to be a student, reading "The Kissing Hand" and beginning to study letters.

August Kindergarten Curriculum:

  1. Language Arts: Look at us!

  2. - Rhyming words
    - Left and Right
    - Top and Bottom
    - Big and Little
    - Learning the ABC’s
    - Parts of the body

  3. Featured Books:

  4. - The Kissing Hand
    - Town Mouse, Country Mouse
    - The Gingerbread Man
    - Now I'm Big
    - Here Are My Hands
    - Mice Squeak, We Speak

  5. Writing:

  6. - Choosing a topic
    - Journals
    - Lists

  7. Science / Social Studies:

  8. - Objects all around us

  9. Math:

  10. - Calendar math
    - Graph a Day
    - ABABAB and ABCABCABC patterns
    - 1-to-1 correspondence
    - Numbers 1-12
    - Spacial relationships

August homework:

Many of these assignments say "draw and write". At this point in the school year, the writing may not make any sense at all, and that is fine. Let the children experiment with writing. Please, do not correct their writing. At this point, any time a child places a pencil to paper it is good.

  1. Draw a picture of a new friend from school.
  2. Draw a picture about a book we read in school.
  3. Write two words that rhyme and draw a picture of it. (Example: fat cat - far car)
  4. Draw and write about something big and something little.
  5. Draw a picture of yourself and label the parts. (Example: arm, leg, mouth)
  6. Write the ABC's.
  7. Draw a picture that shows me "6" of something.
  8. Draw and write about LEFT and RIGHT.
  9. Draw a picture of your favorite thing at school.
  10. Draw and write about how to be a friend.

Recommended Games for August:

  1. Clifford's Letter Match
  2. Clifford's Sound Match
  3. Rhyme Time

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