32 Third Graders
and One Class Bunny

When I sat down to read 32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny last night, I expected to find it engaging.

What I didn't expect was to be reading about half the book out loud to my husband because he wanted to know what was so funny!

I normally read a lot of "instructional books". Books that teach me a skill or method.

It isn't very often that I actually enjoy books that are lighter when it comes to teaching... but 32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny was down-right funny.

I finished the whole 288 page book in one evening. My husband and I turned off the TV and did a little story time with Phillip Done.

One of my favorite sections was all about Interview Questions.

He discusses how he answered questions when he first started out, and what he would say now.

"Question: What are your weaknesses? Answer at interview: I need to learn not to work so late at night and on the weekends and on all my holidays too. Answer today: I steal apples off kids' cafeteria trays when I'm hungry."

This made me roar with laughter. What teacher hasn't done this? He calls it like he sees it.

Another great part of the book was where Phillip Done joked about the letters he would like to send home to parents.

He has a humorous, yet very real, way of discussing children. It's refreshing. And... who hasn't wanted to send one of these letters home?

"Dear Mrs. Challenge,

You came in and said your child is not being challenged. IT is the second week of school. I am still learning their names. Attached you will find her math test. As you can see, she missed half the problems. Could you please help your brain surgeon learn how to add? Thank you."

All in all, I enjoyed this book from cover to cover. It lifted my spirit, made me laugh and helped me remember why I wake up every morning at 5am to work with kids.

It will be on my re-read list for the pool-times in the summer!

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